“But the grandeur of life is that attempt:” Toni Morrison on what survival can look like

At a literary talk, moderator Juan Williams asked Toni Morrison and Frank McCourt this question: “How do you survive whole in a world where we are all victims of something?” Morrison’s answer offers an approach to living that can be shaped by hopefulness and imagination. She said, “Sometimes you don’t survive whole, you just survive… Continue reading “But the grandeur of life is that attempt:” Toni Morrison on what survival can look like

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“Never be limited by other people's limited imaginations.”-Mae C. Jemison Museum guards spend more time with an art museum’s collection than anyone else. The Baltimore Art Museum’s newest show, “Guarding the Art” is curated by 17 museum guards. Kellen Johnson describes the inspiration for the works he selected for the show. https://youtu.be/uQjYq0cDHAM “Liner Notes For The… Continue reading Links For The Voracious

A beautiful passage from professor, author, and all around genius Dr. Tressie McMillan Cottom on Venus and Serena Williams. It is a powerful thing to name what it means and looks like to see yourself in the details of champions who are larger than life, in part because they are just like you. “They were… Continue reading

Thinking About bell hooks

When bell hooks passed away last month, the tributes and remembrances were immediate. No one expected the fierce and brilliant hooks to go rest with the ancestors so soon. She was powerful in so many ways. bell hooks showed us transformational ideas could be easy to understand. She gave language to ways of thinking about… Continue reading Thinking About bell hooks

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“Any movement working toward liberation and justice must be accessible—and that’s the conversation we hope this series continues.” Count me in. Checkout the Access Series, a collaboration between Bitch magazine and the Disability Visibility Project. “Democracy’s Defenders” Helen Butler, LaTosha Brown, and Nsé Ufot on what it means to work for justice and liberation. This… Continue reading Links For The Voracious