The Black Women Organizers Who Turned Georgia Blue

"Strike" (2018). Hank Willis Thomas. “When Georgia turned blue for Mr. Biden this year after record voter turnout, it validated the political vision and advocacy of a group of Black women who have led a decades-long organizing effort to transform the state’s electorate.” Felicia Davis, Deborah Scott, Helen Butler, and Nse Ufot are some of… Continue reading The Black Women Organizers Who Turned Georgia Blue

Jacinda Ardern’s Party Scores a Landslide Win in New Zealand Elections – The New York Times

New Zealand’s prime minister and her party are coasting to victory in national elections, though it is unclear how far she will push her progressive promises. — Read on Jacinda Ardern’s tenure so far has been a master class in the fine arts of good governance and statecraft.

Happy Birthday, Jimmy!

On October 1, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter celebrated his 96th birthday. In celebration, here’s Jimmy expressing his thanks to The Allman Brothers for their role in helping him become president. “Gregg Allman was a very close friend of mine. If it hadn’t been for Gregg Allman and the Allman Brothers I never would have… Continue reading Happy Birthday, Jimmy!