Playlist Voices to Know: Rhythm & Blues, Early Rock N’ Roll Singers. Vol. 1

Big Maybelle, Ann Cole, Hannah Dean, Blanche Thomas, and Annie Laurie were five singers of note in that golden musical moment when Blues, Rhythm & Blues, and early Rock n’ Roll were harmoniously intertwined. Here are five of their classics:

Links For The Voracious

“To be truly visionary we have to root our imagination in our concrete reality while simultaneously imagining possibilities beyond that reality.” -bell hooks, “Feminism is For Everybody: Passionate Politics.” Are you an early-career writer from a community that’s underrepresented in publishing? The PEN America Emerging Voices Fellowship is accepting applications through January 31, 2023. The… Continue reading Links For The Voracious

Happy Birthday, Ella Baker!

Ella Baker’s genius as an organizer and strategist for justice and civil rights transformed the lives of millions of people around the world. “Oppressed people, whatever their level of formal education, have the ability to understand and interpret the world around them, to see the world for what it is, and move to transform… Continue reading Happy Birthday, Ella Baker!

What is the greatest 3-album run of all time?

Over on Twitter, Eric Alper (@ThatEricAlper) asked this question on Thanksgiving morning. Perfect timing for music nerds, musicaholics, and other armchair music hounds with a love for lists and time on their hands. There were some great classic answers in the replies including Stevie Wonder, David Bowie, and Bob Dylan. Naturally. Aretha Franklin immediately came… Continue reading What is the greatest 3-album run of all time?