5 Songs For The End of The Week

“No one is loved like musicians. Musicians are loved by people, really loved, because they give them the ability to express their emotions and their memories. There’s no other form that does that.”-Fran Lebowitz, “Pretend It’s a City” https://youtu.be/FuMm_9z06is https://youtu.be/b1Z4PAZX9Bs https://youtu.be/SujVJlCjKxU https://youtu.be/z9L6H-URx9s https://youtu.be/1N5GeOqM3QM

Toni Morrison had enduring friendships with Angela Davis and Fran Lebowitz. That’s range. Angela Davis on Toni Morrison: “I have always been impressed by her ability to be so focused and to inhabit the universe of her writing while not neglecting the universe that involves the rest of us.” Fran Lebowitz on Toni Morrison: “People… Continue reading