Women of Portland

Photo source: Jeffrey Horvitz

Name: Roey T.
Neighborhood: Hollywood
Profession: Political strategist for the LGBTQ movement

1. How long have you lived in Portland and where are you from originally? 15 years, grew up in South Carolina and Ohio.

2. What do you like most about Portland? I love so much about this city! Two things stand out: the free spirit that lets us have legal poker, nude dancing, and weed, and the progressive politics that make this a great place to come home to after my work takes me to places where hate for queer and trans people dominates.

3. How do you think Portland could improve/ be a better place to live? By making it possible to live here. I’m so sad about the changes I’ve seen in Portland lately–so many homeless people, rampant gentrification, way too many smug hipsters with expensive taste. Portland used to be much more affordable, and much more down to earth. I miss that, especially since the people being pushed out are the most interesting people.

4. What is your life motto or what words do you live by? Mine comes courtesy of a homeless man whose sign read “Everything will be appreciated.” That’s how I try to live every day, in spite of being outraged at widespread assholery.

*Interview reprinted from womenpdx tumblr.

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