Links For The Voracious

“Never be limited by other people's limited imaginations.”-Mae C. Jemison Museum guards spend more time with an art museum’s collection than anyone else. The Baltimore Art Museum’s newest show, “Guarding the Art” is curated by 17 museum guards. Kellen Johnson describes the inspiration for the works he selected for the show. “Liner Notes For The… Continue reading Links For The Voracious

The Last Time

There are so many days this year that are the anniversaries of the last time we did something in 2020. These pictures were taken on March 6, 2020, at the Oakland Museum of California on my last visit to a museum. The Bay Area shelter in place order took effect eleven days later. Ruth Asawa.… Continue reading The Last Time

Fundamental Truths

Source: Alisha Wormsley, The Last Billboard Artist Alisha Wormsley’s simple statement about black people existing in the future is apparently too much for some Pittsburgh residents to accept. The billboard, the latest in a series from The Last Billboard project, was removed from the building where it was located at the end of March. The… Continue reading Fundamental Truths

Artists in Their Studios: Selma Hortense Burke to Mickalene Thomas 

Selma Hortense Burke. Source: Smithsonian American Art Museum The portrait of the artist in the studio is a meaningful image. In The New Yorker, Lilly Lampe articulates its power. "The studios of famous artists are fascinating for the double insight they provide us: on the one hand, a view of the creative process; on the… Continue reading Artists in Their Studios: Selma Hortense Burke to Mickalene Thomas 

Legendary Encounter 

This photograph is fascinating. Does it document Frida and Josephine's first meeting? What did they talk about? There is speculation of an affair between them, but neither claimed the other as a lover.  Frida Kahlo and Josephine Baker were uniquely 20th century creations. They were artists and libertines, masters at captivating public interest and subverting… Continue reading Legendary Encounter