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Women Talking About

“It cost me a lot to be who I am. I stood up in front of the world with my arms wide open and I said: Come, let’s talk. Let’s talk, night after night. And the world and me, we talked every night. Sometimes I was rejected. It cost me so much to be out front; I cried tears of blood.”

-Chavela Vargas, the grand dame of Mexican song

Women Talking About

Stacey Abrams made history. But is deeply conservative Georgia ready to elect a black woman governor?

Source: John Bazemore/Associated Press

“But here’s the thing: To claim our victory, to write that next chapter and live those best lives, we have a lot of work to do. We have to reach out to those who do not believe their voices matter. Who have been disappointed again and again by promises made and never kept.”

Stacey Abrams, Democratic candidate for governor, Georgia.Primary victory speech.  May 22, 2018.

Women Talking About

Bear Creek County Airport

“There’s a difference between diversity- which people LOVE talking about- and actual structural changes.”

-Anu Henriques, co-editor and co-founder, Skin Deep magazine at Bare Lit Festival, 2017.

Quote source: @Pineda_Janel

Carol Abraczinskas. Source: Chicago Tribune 

“Pencil. Always pencil. I really prefer how a scientific specimen looks when drawn with a great range of tone.” 

Scientific illustrator Carol Abraczinskas discusses her favorite medium, the process of creating scientific illustrations for publication, and her definition of the word ‘artist’.
Never met a scientific illustrator? Meet Carol
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