The late Gwen Ifill on doing your best work and the fight to be seen and heard

“You work hard. It’s not how you get in the door. It’s what you do once you are through the door. And you make sure that you make friends and learn lessons from the people who are willing to help and ignore the haters.”

“And imagine watching a convention when Barbara Jordan gets up and speaks, and you’re a little black girl at home who sees nothing like this on television. It blows your mind.”

“It’s important to be reminded how easily we can be denied simple, obvious opportunity, how low the ceilings can get and how much fortitude it takes to refuse to accept the limits that others place on you. But you now have the skills to transcend those limits. Whose stories can you tell? Whose voices are not being heard? Who gets to decide which stories and voices get ignored? And what are you willing to do about it?
Personally, I have a flat spot right in the front of my head from trying to break down walls my entire career, forcing diversity of thought and opinion into newsrooms and onto the air. Whatever else you do with your lives, I hope you remember to fight those battles, too.”
-Gwen Ifill, journalist

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