Women of Portland

Name: Anne K.F.
Neighborhood: Alameda
Years lived in Portland: 65+

1. What do you like most about Portland?
The fact that we come up with initiatives for change that become models for the nation. For the last eight years Morrison Children and Family Services has worked with parents identified as possibly losing custody of their kids. Parents who had the same experience of addiction and lost their children who are now in recovery mentor parents who are at risk of losing custody of their children. All these innovative service agencies that take risks, I love that about Portland.

2. How can we make Portland a better place to live?
Stop demolishing old houses. Keep the quality and look of the neighborhoods.

3. What is your personal motto? What words do you live by?
Look for the good in every situation. There is always a positive take on the worst developments. You can make positive change in the world.

Originally posted on womenpdx.tumblr.com


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