Links For The Voracious

Meet Doña Viviana Alávez, the undaunted doyenne of candlemakers preserving Zapotec tradition in Oaxaca, Mexico.

“City of Ghosts” is a love letter to Los Angeles that will probably make you cry. The animated Netflix kids show uses the city’s neighborhoods as the foundation for a beautiful rumination on memory and loss.

Listen to author Rachel Howzell Hall on the Crime Writers of Color podcast. She’s talking about her new book “And Now She’s Gone,” how meeting young Black writers helped her see that all kinds of Black stories were viable, and the writing life.

Daydreaming about life after the pandemic can help us get through it. 

People are curious creatures who seek connection. 

Learning a new skill can be a frustrating and enlightening experience. Lean into the messiness to grow into competence. 

“The pureness of YInMn Blue is really perfect.” That’s art supply manufacturer Georg Kremer on the first new blue pigment on the market in 200 years. 

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