Five Songs For The End of The Week

The one and only Grace Beverly Jones celebrated her birthday on Thursday, May 19. She shares that birthdate with Malcolm X, Lorraine Hansberry, and Yuri Kochiyama. May 19 looks to be an auspicious day to bring people into the world who will grow up to be brave.

Ms. Jones’ singular body of self-expression is guided by a relentless creative spirit that doesn’t recognize the confines of the status quo. Her music can’t be tied to one specific genre. She is punk and disco and rock and soul and new wave and reggae and art song all in one astounding package beyond characterization. 

Here are five songs by Grace Jones and the singer’s thoughts on life in her own words.

“One creates oneself.”

“If you are lonely when you are alone, you’re in bad company.”

“I am a child. I think we’re all still children. Always stay an amateur, never a professional.”

“In a room full of people, want yourself first.”

“I only move forward, never backwards, darling.”

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