Links For The Voracious

NPR’s Audie Cornish breaks down getting over imposter syndrome and knowing when to stop and take care of yourself.

Photographer Tommy Kha on making the work you want to create and not succumbing to the limits of other people’s imaginations.

What Black critics have to say is essential for expanding our understanding of the arts.

“People tend to forget that words are scripture. Life and death lies in the tongue, and I wanted to create something that could uplift.” Costume director Marci Rodgers describing the inspiration for writing her children’s book “MaJaRa’s Dream” during the chaos and pain of 2020.

Everybody loves The Linda Lindas and they just signed a record deal with Epitaph Records. Congratulations, Lindas! 👍🏿 Check out the band at the Los Angeles Public Library TEENtastic Tuesdays: AAPI Heritage Month Kick-off.

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