Links For The Voracious

So be curious, be adventurous, be tenacious, and you cannot be intimidated by the answer “no.”

-Bevy Smith

A group of gay activists reflect on their revolutionary 1970 road trip to rally gay people to attend the Revolutionary People’s Constitutional Convention in Washington, D.C. organized by the Black Panther Party.

“Then I felt around, and I realized there was no teeth and I had felt, really, no great pain,” he said. “And then I realized, ‘Oh my God, I’m in a whale’s mouth. I’m in a whale’s mouth, and he’s trying to swallow me.” -Lobster diver Michael Packard describes being swallowed by a humpback whale off the coast of Provincetown, Massachusetts

A Brutally Honest History of Latinos in Hollywood.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on the influence and impact of Black athletes on racial equality.

We Need Diverse Books is no longer using the term “#OwnVoices.” Here’s why.

Do you want to hear from Black design and technology experts? The Tech Wrap Queen is the podcast for you.

Summer salad season is here.

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