I spend a lot of time looking at clouds. They’re beautiful and captivating. Their shapes, colors, and textures offer a universe of gorgeous possibilities. A cloud is a cloud is a cloud. Unless it’s a mermaid or an ice cream cone or whatever else comes to mind. Clouds tease and spark the imagination. They can be whatever someone wants them to be.

Gwendolyn Brooks’ reflection on clouds. Ebony magazine, 1968.
Source: Exquisite: The Poetry and Life of Gwendolyn Brooks

NASA describes a cloud as “a mass of water drops or ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere.” Clouds also provide a celestial guide for interpreting our experiences. Situations can be like the images we see in clouds, not necessarily what they seem. A cloud can look like a dog with a stick in its mouth one second and the shape of Tennessee the next. A sure thing can transform into something unexpected in a matter of minutes. Change happens. Looking to the sky can help put things in perspective.

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