Links For The Voracious

Erica Savage Wilson experienced a traumatic brain injury. In “Things Not Seen,” she reveals the daily challenges of recovery and holding on to the will to live. 

Breaking the glass ceiling is just the beginning. Labour MP Diane Abott provides a glimpse into what it’s like being Britain’s first Black Member of Parliament (MP). 

“This is not about charity or inspiration. It’s about justice,” disability rights advocate Rebecca Cokley on the Ford Foundation’s first of its kind disability rights grant program. 

“My goal is to leave a digital footprint of our Hmong language for future generations.” Annie Vang on the app she created, HmongPhrases

The American Archive of Public Broadcasting (AAPB) is an enormous free collection of over 50,000 hours of public radio and television interviews and programs. 

Rolling Stone has re-upped its monumental list of the 500 greatest songs of all time. There’s something on this list for everyone to disagree about.

“Black women are not bottomless bowls of sweat, work, emotional support, and reassurance for white America. I, as a Black woman, needed to reclaim my ability to have my own prerogative and self-interests while living in a country that can’t do right. Basically, if I’m putting on an apron and getting in the kitchen, I’m frying chicken for my damn self.”

-Musician Adia Victoria in conversation with Marcus K. Dowling for

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